For Gaye’s Sellers


First and foremost you need to know what the market (i.e. willing and able buyers) are going to pay for your house. Splashy marketing, sleek staging and fancy photography will not enable a house to sell for more then market value.  I am prepared to explain how I arrived at the pricing  on your home and work with you on the timeframes, terms and price that will work best for you.


Your home has a niche, maybe more then one.  I identify and customize my marketing and staging to the buyer(s) best suited to your property. This takes skill, experience and a team approach.  Selling your home takes more then just putting up a sign, crossing your fingers or rolling the dice. We will discuss the direct marketing methods I have successfully used in the past in order to drive potential buyers to my listings.


I need to speak your language, answer your questions and understand your motivations.  We will spend a good deal of time on how and on what schedule you want me to communicate with you. The listing and selling process require coordinated efforts and open lines of communication between the agents, potential buyers and sellers.


Finding the correct way to market your home on line involves first and foremost the best photography available.  Using technology to get the word out to potential buyers via social media, websites and blogs all play a part in driving buyers to your home. Unlike in years past, buyers are finding the homes on line they want to see. They are driving their agents to the right house, not the other way around. Perception is everything.


My goal is to equip you for what is to come. Get you through any rough spots and achieve your goal of selling your home for the best price to the best buyer in the timeframe that meets your needs. With more then  40 years in the real estate industry I am fully prepared .